Southbank, VIC 3006 Restaurant & Kitchen Cleaning Job For A Client

The video above demonstrated a complete kitchen canopy and restaurant cleaning services provided by our Melbourne canopy cleaning company to one of our clients located at Southbank ave, Southbank, VIC 3006.

This restaurant is roughly about 5 minutes by car from the National Gallery Of Victoria, Melbourne. The challenges faced by this job include:

  • The canopies were not regularly taken care of and there were a lot of builds up around the cover of range hood, which required a steam cleaner to be able to completely remove them
  • Some of the exhaust fans in the restaurant were not functioning well.
  • Most of the kitchen equipment were not properly cleaned and traces of grease and oil could be seen all over the place.
  • Some of the kitchen filters were burned and needed to be replaced.

Things we did for our restaurant client:

  • Complete canopy range hood filter cleaning and washing
  • Temporary repair of some of the exhaust fans, along with scheduling for a fan breakdown service in the following week.
  • Full kitchen equipment cleaning to remove the grease and oil using our special cleaning product