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CCS is a Melbourne-based canopy cleaning company with over 5+ years of experience. We offer various canopy-related services such as range hood cleaning, duct cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning and replacement and whole lots more. We have a dedicated kitchen canopy cleaner who are always ready at your disposal and we always strive for the best quality of work possible. If you ever in need to hire us for any kitchen-cleaning related work, or just have any question, you can simply reach out to us here.

CCS Canopy Cleaning provides services throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Why Choose Us?

As you know, there is a need for you canopy system to be regularly cleaned in order to ensure the proper functioning of the kitchen appliances. In Melbourne, there are lots of companies to to hire but only a few can guarantee maximum result or money-return.

CCS is one of those companies who uses sophisticated cleaning equipment and products to help clean your canopies inside out. We always give a money-back guarantee to our clients if their canopy system isn’t thoroughly cleaned. We are also fully insured, certified and licensed, which makes us qualify to be your reliable company to choose from

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