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Are you looking for a reliable canopy cleaning company in Footscray to help clean your commercial canopies and kitchen stuff? Then you have come to the right place. We at CCS have been in this business long enough to know what’s best for our clients. With our team and experience, we can ensure you the best possible quality of work. Hire our company today and let’s get you kitchen cleaned.

Your Trusted Hood & Duct Cleaning Partner

There is a need to keep your canopies, range hood and duct cleaned from grease and grime. Over time, grease gets accumulated on your canopies and if left uncleaned, can lead to fire hazard in your kitchen.

Making sure that your kitchen exhaust system is regular cleaned and maintained does not only ensure the safety of your clients, employees, and working space, but also follow the Australian cleaning compliance.

At our company, we use special cleaning technique and equipment to  clean your kitchen canopy and exhaust fans. We always use eco-friendly products that are 100% safe for both the environment and your health. So request a free quote today to get your commercial kitchen professionally cleaned.

Our Footscray Canopy Cleaning Services

Here are the list of our services offered:

Range Hood Cleaning

A complete canopy range hood cleaning service both inside and outside of the filters

Duct Cleaning

We will perform a deep canopy duct system cleaning for your kitchen, both vertically and horizontally

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Full kitchen exhaust fan cleaning service and replacement to help remove grease, fat, smoke and oil

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

We provide a full kitchen equipment cleaning service for your commercial restaurant

Our Testimonials

Here are some of the reviews & feedback from our clients:

Definitely one of the best canopy firms in the city. Truly professional and experienced cleaners with quality work ethic. We recommend CCS for your kitchen.
Florian Darroman
Great quality with affordable price.
Jeremy Jones
This company took care of our kitchen's duct system wonderfully. They are indeed the best in Footscray.

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