5 Tips To Hire The Right Canopy Cleaning Company

Making sure that your kitchen canopies are regularly cleaned is important for the safety of your kitchen and surrounding people. But if you’re running a restaurant with complex system, hiring a reliable canopy cleaning firm is a must.

But how to really choose the right one? What are the things to consider before hiring? In this article, we have curated our top 5 tips to hire.

1. Referrals & Reputation

The first thing before hiring any company is to make sure that they have good reputations across the board, both online and offline.

When talking about online reputation, places like Google My Business review and online directories are the place to go. Don’t forget to check the company’s website to learn more about them. Check their awards, certification, etc. – anything that could demonstrate their expertise and reputation.

Offline reputation includes referrals by local communities in the area. That’s why it’s ideal to always work with a local company.

2. Experience

Next up is to ensure that the canopy cleaning company that you want to hire has enough experience. Give the ones with at least 5 years of experience a higher priority when choosing.

Generally, good experience comes with good reputation. Experiences help ensure that the company knows how to clean your kitchen properly and has the right team to get it done.

3. Insurance & Warranty

Canopy cleaning is something that often comes with a risk. You don’t want to put your kitchen in a hand of any company that would agree to do the service without having an insurance and warranty for the safety of your appliances.

When hiring, you should also check whether the company provides compensation for the injuries of the technicians. Accidents can happen during the cleaning process.

4. Services Available

Next tip to hire the right canopy cleaning company is to check all the services available by each of the companies. Canopy cleaning includes a number of services under it, such as duct cleaning, range hood cleaning, equipment cleaning, etc.

Making sure that the company you’re hiring provides full cleaning services help ensure that the entire kitchen extract system is completely cleaned inside out.

5. Cost

After going through the above 4 tips, the last thing to consider is the cost. Remember, quality matters more than the cost. That’s why you should make sure that the company you want to hire passes the quality check from the above listed points.

When looking at the rate, some companies charge each of the services individually while others have cleaning packages available. Some charge a flat fee while others charge on an hourly basis. If you live in Melbourne, the average cost per job is $50-$80 per hour.

That’s all for the tip. We hope you get the idea now on what to consider before hiring any company to clean your canopy system.