How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Canopies?

In general, our canopy cleaning company in Melbourne recommends that you should clean your kitchen extract system at least once in every 6 months.

But what all contribute to how often should you get your canopy system cleaned? Why do you need to get them cleaned regularly in the first place? Let’s find out in this article.

Understand Kitchen Canopy System

Kitchen extract or canopy system usually includes canopies, ducting, exhaust fans and filters, along with other components that helps maintain the health and safety of your kitchen while cooking food.

They function by extracting the harmful carbon monoxide gas and other dangerous fumes from the kitchen. This helps prevent the risk of fire hazard that can happen due to leakage of these gases.

Why Should You Clean Kitchen Extract Regularly?

There is a need to get your kitchen canopies cleaned regularly as over time, grease and grime get accumulated on the equipment and if left uncleaned, could lead to poor functioning of the the system, thus poses a serious threat to your restaurant, employees, and client lives.

Other reasons include:

  • To ensure that you are qualified for insurance, since all insurance companies require proof of cleaning for you to be eligible for insurance.
  • To meet the standard and rules of your government for restaurant’s safety
  • To reduce the amount of cleaning work in the future, as if not cleaned regularly, hard buildups are very difficult to be removed.

So, How Regularly Should You Really Clean?

The regularity of cleaning your kitchen extract really depends on how much you use your kitchen, and what are the types of food that you usually cook as certain food can lead to quick buildup of grease and grime.

However, if you live in Australia, it is compulsory to get your canopies cleaned at least once in every 12 months, according to the Australian Cleaning Compliance (AS 1851-2012).

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But at the end of the day, it’s probably the best idea to hire a professional canopy cleaning company to perform a thorough inspection and decide for you.